Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Little Kids

Oil on canvas

This is a painting I did awhile back of my sister, Diane (on the right), and me.  I call it "The Little Kids" because that's what our four older brothers called us.  Every time I look at one of my paintings, I see several things I would/should have done differently.  Gotta stop that and move on (I tell myself)!  Below is the reference photo from eons ago!  Colorizing it was an interesting process.  My mother commonly dressed me in blue and Diane in pink.  Not sure why, since Diane was far more the tomboy.


  1. Dicksie, This is such a personal & sweet painting. The eyes in this portrait really stand out. I particularly enjoyed hearing your story. Thank you for sharing that.

  2. Wonderful portrait, Dicksie! Colorizing a B&W image and enlarging it for a painting are both huge challenges, and you handled them beautifully. Great work!

  3. Thanks so much, Patricia and Darla! I appreciate your comments!