Monday, January 23, 2017

Braedan Study

Oil on canvas

I have been struggling with a larger painting of Braedan Marley (my great-granddaughter), which has turned out well overall -- except it doesn't look like her!  So I decided to do a smaller study of just her sweet little face!  This was not without its trials either, but at least I feel it resembles her, and I do like how it turned out.  So now, back to work on the bigger piece with the hopes of posting that soon as well. 


  1. Hurray for you! We'll done, Dicksie. I know you struggled, but you achieved a wonderful result here! Great skin tones, beautifully rendered features, and -- yes -- a likeness, too. You've done fine job articulating the planes and form of her wee face, and the striped hat and top are captivating. She looks very chic and tres French!!

  2. Thanks, Helene! I really appreciate your comments. This little girl is always dressed to the nines -- her Momma makes sure of that!

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